It is a legitimate question – Kenya-ChildVision is a non-profit organization whose inspiration springs from a wide range of challenges that I Anjelina Nafula Namwaya, the founder of K-CV had experienced as a child. I founded K-CV because I have never forgotten where I came from.

I was born in Nelaa, a village, in Busia, rural Kenya. I lost my father very early. Due to lack of basic medical care, it often happens that many children grow up with only one parent, usually the mother, alone. But without the main earner, the family quickly slips into bitter poverty. Especially in the rural area, the families usually live only from the products which they cultivate by themselves. Money, which is already missing for life, is not there for the school attendance of the children at all.

Since 2003, the government has freed the state primary schools from the fees, but the children still need your help in acquiring the school uniform and learning materials.

The experience of my childhood and my surroundings have left me with a lasting impact and have made me to the person that I am today. This experience motivates me to help other people.

I have taken the support of many children from my village of Nelaa. I often saw the missing support, lack of exposure and very often wrongly implemented involvement of my villagers. Ignorance on the effects of the environment and above all, cultural practices that no longer fit into a modern world are the reasons for the slow-moving improvement in living conditions in Kenya. Poor education, especially in rural areas, contributes significantly to poverty in Kenya as well as in other parts of Africa.

What distinguishes K-CV from other organizations?

There are many different non-profit organizations which are active in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. Their work is generally very good and anything but not simple. They all need support and deserve it. Honestly working for humanity is a full-time job. Everyone who decides to do so is commendable. In Kenya there are always tourists who come for a holiday and decide to do more and bring help to many people. Almost all of these emerging organizations are found in urban areas of tourist centers – but not where a traveler rarely strays. Therefore, many do not know the actual circumstances, in the different regions, such as my home, Busia in western Kenya. Some of our members, as I myself come from this region, we are connected to the people there. We have lived the lives of these people and therefore understand the cultural barriers. We know these regions with their problems and peculiarities very precisely. We know what is actually needed there and how to make changes. This knowledge helps us to use the resources meaningfully and to work together with them to improve their living conditions. Although there is a little progress, the basic challenges remain insurmountable and without sufficient support.

The region around Busia is in the truest sense of the word a forgotten region, this is because the region is considered to be in an arable area, where agriculture is possible. However, the region being around the lake and a border region with Uganda, has a high morbidity level in Malaria, typhoid and malnutrition.

There is also these region of Kwale where young men are slipping from poverty into crime and the fertile ground for radicalization is enormous here. In addition, the consumption of drugs in the entire coastal area is increasing very strongly, which brings additional problems.

According to Kenyan Government records from the Ministry of Education,  Kwale district performed the worst in the national examinations.

This is due to the lack of support for a very poor region. High unemployment, extreme poverty, poor quality of life, frequent illnesses due to lack of nutrition and lack of adequate drinking water as well as of the school supplies.

In Kilifi, a small coastal town between Mombasa and Malindi, as in the entire coastal region of Kenya, has the highest number of illiterate girls. For many, it means a life of misery. Therefore, it is imperative to offer every girl the necessary support to go to school. In order to ensure this, assistance projects are needed to help parents improve their incomes and expose them to mainstream economy so that they can liberate themselves from poverty and have the financial resources to enable their children to attend school.

If you have any questions, we would be pleased to answer them. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Thank you!

Asante Sana!

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Anjelina Nafula Namwaya