Frequently Asked Questions 


A child sponsorship is an earmaked financial contribution made regularly by an individual donor or an organization/company as a means of supporting children on a long-term basis. Sponsors, through their regular contributions, help ensure the organization’s financial stability so that the children’s well-being, education and integration into their local community are secured for the long-term. Money is a earmarked to support a particular K-CV  Village, a project or a child  in kenya.
As a child god-mother/father you follow your sponsored child on her or his journey through childhood and into an independent life. As a village sponsorship you will follow all the children and their family in the village.
Without donations and sponsorships our work would not be possible! In order to enable children a schooling and vocational training, we need your help and continuous support. Many supporters do not want to be limited to a regular bank transfer, but want a personal connection. Therefore we offer Village and a Child Sponsorships. With a Sponsorship you accompany a K-CV-child and take part in her/ his development. You will see the lasting good fruits of your continued help.
As K-CV children sponsorship you accompany a child in one of our village in Kenya. As a Village-Sponsorship you support an entire K-CV-Village.
Althogh you cannot choose a specific child, you are welcome to inform us about any wishes concerning age, gender our village and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.
If you opt for a K-CV-sponsorship, you immediately will receive a photo and the life story of your sponsored child, along with your personal membership documents. You will receive the correspondence address information about the village where your sponsored child lives and your personal sponsorship number. In time, you will receive regular information about the development of your sponsored child. You can also write directly to your sponsored child. We encourage that. If a child would like to write their sponsors, their letters will be sent to them.
At the beginning of your sponsorship, we will inform you about your godchild and her or his village community project. And to keep you well informed, we provide an annual report on the progress of your sponsored child from us.
You are most welcome at any time. We just ask you that you let us know in advance, so that the K-CV families can prepare for your visit.
You can support a K-CV-Child with a monthly fee of 30 € and thereby contribute significantly to his/her maintenance and his/her education and training. With just 1 € a day you provide a future and a hope for a child.
The easiest way to register a sponsorship is through our online sponsorship form. Godparents will be for a child in one of our village.
Of course, it is possible to express your preference for a region or a gender. Please let us know your wishes. We will try to consider this as well as possible with the sponsorship mediation.
Of course, Groups, Companies, Associations, School Classes, groups of friends, etc. can become sponsors. Please enter the name of the group as a godfather/godmother name and the name and address of a contact person.
No, you do not make any contractual obligation. You can terminate your commitment at any time without giving reasons.
In about 14 days after registration, we will send you personal sponsorship documents. During sponsorship, you will receive a letter twice a year, directly from your godfather region.
Yes, your sponsorship contributions is tax deductible in accordance with applicable laws and regulations governing tax deductions for charitable organizations. Beyond the tax deductions, your sponsorship allows your sponsored child to grow up in a safe environment. You help provide the foundation upon which they can build a good life. This includes education and vocational training. Your sponsorship contributions is earmarked. This means that your contributions support your sponsored child and his respective village as well as its auxiliary project, such as training center.
The end of child sponsorship is not only age, but also depends on development. On average, young people aged 16 to 25 become independent. The maturity of a child does not mean that relationship, communication, and support is automatically terminated. That is entirely up to you, the sponsor.
With 1 Euro per day you give needy children a future. The minimum contribution for a village sponsorship is 30 € per month.
Your monthly  contribution ensures education of the children and is also used for example, when teaching materials or sports equipment is needed at the school.
After completion of the sponsorship you will receive your personal sponsorship document with information about your sponsored village. Additionally, you will receive a report twice a year by mail directly from your sponsored village. When possible, the villagers will send you pictures and greetings about christmas in their villages. Of course you can also write to your sponsored village.
With K-CV- Child- Sponsorship you will help to give these children everything they need to live a normal life: food, clothing, health care, schooling and training.
Tax authorities in most countries will accept receipts for donations, as long as they are for a contributions made in that county. We therefore encourage you to donate or sponsor through the K-CV association in the county where you live and we will send you an acknowledgement of the donation, but we cannot issue a tax deductible receipt.
Our team will be happy to inform you in about 4-6 weeks after the start of the event.
No, we can not name individual donor donations for data protection reasons. A donation receipt will be sent to you on request. If you regularly support us, you will receive a generic donation receipt from us in the following year of your donations. You can request your donor group approval  PDF for printing here. Please inform us on this form by the end of the year, in which name (s), which address (s) and / or the amount (s) the confirmation (s) should be issued. Please allow each donor to sign up. Please note that due to the tax legislation, we are only allowed to issue a donation receipt  for the person from whose funds the donation actually flowed.