KCV other ways to donate

Help where the need is at greatest!

Stuff donations!

You have the possibility to make donations of stuff?
Many things such as clothing and shoes can not spent to Kenya simply because of the high transportation costs. For this reason, it is usually indispensable to talk to us first about which kind of donation will make sense and which does not. We are looking forward to hear from you and we will be happy to discuss together with you about what you can do to help K-CV work grow.

Every Cent Can Save a Life!

KCV other ways to donate

Order a K-CV donation boxes here!

Under this motto, you have the opportunity to get involved in our K-CV voluntary team and do something precious for the underprivileged children and family in our community in the villages of Kenya. It works quite simple: place one of our transparent donation boxes in your business premises. The donation boxes are filled daily by countless people who want to help with small and large amounts of money.


    I hereby order pieces of KCV donation boxes.

    The donation boxes are checked regularly by our cashier and filled with flyers. When the box is full, the cashier counts the money and transfers it to our donation account. If you want to become active for K-CV and help our work grow then order a donation box. It does not cost you a cent. Helping others will make you and your company a lot of fun.
    You will receive donation boxes free from us delivered. Please pay attention to a good visible placement.

    Thanks you!

    Sante Sana!

    Donation Flyer