Become KCV Ambassador

If we realize, that we are all  living in one World we need open minded people who are interested in looking for ways to give back to their local or global community. Whether you focus on raising awareness or organizing fundraising. As an Ambassador you help K-CV grow while also enriching your own life. If you’re interested in helping support K-CV work then please fill out the Application Form below and send it to us at

Ambassador Application Form For Enthusiastic Individuals

    Where do you live

    What do you hope to accomplish as an enthusiastic K-CV Ambassador? (you can check more than one)

    Host a fundraising event at your workplace or in your community or create an online fundraiser

    Participate in the development of recommendations for the post Millennium Development Goals

    Raise awareness of K-CV at your work place and in your community through presentations, social media or writing letters to local newspapers

    We like to share small biographies of our enthusiastic individuals Ambassadors on our website. Do you mind if we put your biography on our website?


    Please contact for more information or help at any point.

    Thank you for your interest in K-CV and welcome to K-CV voluntary team. Asante Sana!