Name, address and fiscal year

(1) The association was founded on 06.11.2014 is named “Kenya-ChildVision” and has its headquarters in Wiesbaden (Hesse) It shall be registered in the register of the Local Court of Wiesbaden and, after the registration of the word “registered charity” (eV)

(2) The fiscal year starts on 01.01 and ends at 31.12 of each calendar year.

Purpose of the Association

“The association pursues directly and exclusively charitable purposes within the meaning of section” tax purposes “of the tax code.

Purpose of the association is to promote the development assistance and promoting education and upbringing of three underprivileged villages in Kenya.

The purpose is realized by:

1. The establishment of schools, youth care centers, electricity supply, roads, hospitals, markets, church and other social facilities or support of the people in these institutions.

2. The provision of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

3. The security of needy with food, medicine, clothing and used goods etc.

4. The rental or purchase of houses and land that are beneficial to the association.

5. The organization and implementation of aid shipments to Kenya.

6. Promoting the Economic Development of the underprivileged villages Kenya.

In order to achieve the objective of the association may operate purpose companies. An operation is only considered purpose operating when it directly serves the purposes set out above the club. Regarding the use of any surplus shall be carried out exclusively by these statutes.

The association is by this means:

1. the collection of fees and contributions

2. raising funds and donations (for events, trade shows and by directly communicating with people and companies


3. (selfless activity)

The Association is active; he does not pursue its own economic purposes.

The bodies of the association (§ 6) perform their duties on a voluntary basis.

4. (funds)

Means that accrue to the association may only be used for statutory purposes.

(5) The members receive no profit shares in their capacity as members, any other payments from the funds of the association. There shall be no person from disproportionately high remuneration.

(6) The Association maintains party political neutrality. He admits to nationals of all nations and races and same rights and represents the principle of religious and ideological tolerance.

Acquisition of membership

(1) Member of the Association may be natural and legal persons.

(2) On the written application is decided by the Board. With the inclusion of the member acknowledges the statutes.

(3) The application for admission of minors require the signature of the legal representative.

Termination of membership

(1) Membership is terminated by resignation, expulsion, cancellation of membership or death.

(2) The withdrawal is possible at any time without giving reasons. The resignation shall be notified in writing at least four weeks in advance.

(3) A member may be expelled from the club if his behavior violates grossly violated the Statutes or the interests of the Association. The exclusion is acting at the request of the Board, the General Assembly by three-quarters majority of the valid votes cast. Before the decision to exclude is to give the parties the opportunity to comment. The decision of the exclusion is to give the persons concerned by the board.

(4) A cancellation of membership is allowed if the member is despite three written warnings by the Board with the payment of contributions in arrears. The deletion may be decided by the Board only if have been sent its third letter of formal notice, which shall include a reference to the deletion or three months have passed.


(1) The members of the Association pay a semi-annual or annual fee, unless the Executive Board in the contribution rules for certain members provides a non-contributory membership. Junior members pay reduced fees.

2) The amount of the fee shall be decided by the Member Assembly. This requires a ¾ majority of those beneficial.

The contribution order shall remain in effect until it is changed by the Member Assembly. For three-quarters majority vote is required. Changes to the contribution rules are possible only at the end.

Organs of the Association

Organs are the Board and the General Assembly.


(1) The Board consists of the President, 1st Vice 2nd deputy and the treasurer (Board within the meaning of § 26 BGB).

(2) The treasurer shall make the financial affairs of the association.

(3) The association is in court and out of court, represented by the Chief Executive Officer or his deputy or 1st or 2nd Treasurer, in that order. Each member is entitled to take alone.

(4) The Board is elected by the General Assembly for a term of four years. However, it remains up to the statutory election of the Board in office. If a member of the Board described above during the period of office, the Board shall elect a replacement for the remainder of the term of office of

former Executive Board member. Eligible are only members of the club, who have reached the age of 18.

(5) The Board is in addition to the representation of the association’s exercise of club community in accordance with the Statute and the decisions of the General Assembly.

General Assembly

(1) The General Meeting is held annually within the first six months of each calendar year.

(2) Extraordinary general meetings are called as required by the Board. You must be called if at least one third of the regular members an appeal requested in writing, stating the agenda to the Board. The Board must in that case within one month, the General Assembly convened.

(3) General meetings shall be convened by the Executive Board at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Notice of the meeting is at the same time inform the agenda.

(3) If the statute otherwise, any duly convened general meeting a quorum.

(4) For decisions and decides elections, unless the statute provides otherwise, a simple majority of the votes cast.

(5) To a decision which contains an amendment to the articles of association, a majority of three-quarters of the valid votes cast is required.

(6) The change in the association’s purpose required a majority of three-quarters of the valid votes cast.

(7) The method of voting shall be determined by the chairman. A written ballot shall however be made when one third of the members so request.

(8) The decisions of the General Assembly shall be prepared a protocol that has to be signed by the chairman and the chairman.

amendment and dissolution of the Association

(1) The amendment requires the association’s purpose according to § 40 BGB a ¾ majority.

(2) All amendments that change the association’s purpose and the resolution decided by the Member Assembly. Proposals for amendments, modifications purpose and resolution shall be forwarded to the voting members no later than one month before the meeting. For acts of a majority of three-quarters of those present voting is required.

(3) Amendments shall be submitted to the tax office. Changes of §§ 1 and 2 9 these amendments to be submitted to the tax office.

(4) The Association dissolves, if at by two-thirds vote

Member of the Assembly shall be decided. The resolution can be overruled by a CEO or his deputy.

(5) Member Assembly elects broader conception conclusion from your middle two liquidators for settlement. Should the choice be waived by the liquidation takes place at the time of the dissolution current board chairman or his deputy.

(6) Upon the dissolution of the association or elimination of the tax-exempt purpose under § 2 of the Statute of the assets of the organization will the funding project

SOS Children’s Villages e.V.

Renatastraße 77

80639 Munich,

to which has to use it directly and exclusively for tax-privileged purposes.

At the SOS Children’s Village is a non-profit organization within the meaning of the AO 51-68, registration number VR 6243. The club is run by the tax office in Munich.

Entry into force

The articles of association were adopted in its current form on 06.11.2014 by the General Assembly of the Association “Kenya-ChildVision” and occurs after entry in the register of associations.

Registergericht: Amtsgericht Wiesbaden
Register-Number: 6888
Tax-Number: 040 250 70370-III/2