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    I/We herewith authorize the Organization K-CV respective to collect membership fee at maturity of my above account by direct debit.

    You can within eight weeks beginning with the processing date, reimbursement of the debited amount.

    Our creditors ID: DE83ZZZ00001601109

    Note to debit: Your monthly payment will be processed on the 1st of the month. Your SEPA-Mandate is carried out at the earliest possible date in the following month. You will receive your Mandate reference number separately by Mail shortly.

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    you do not want to donate online, but rather transfer your donation to kcv account? Of course, you can also transfer your donation to our account, either through your own online banking or with a transfer voucher in your bank branch or download our bank voucher and send us your donation.

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    I would like to get involved personally in the projects and in the team work as:

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    Additional Agreement

    Additional-agreement on “Copyright and usage rights for Association members”

    Between the Kenya-ChildVision e.V. and

    The following is agreed …

    1. In fulfilling the association’s purpose organization members perform their duties on a voluntary basis on behalf of and for the benefit of the association. Bring these members as part of their active work their intellectual property in the form of texts, translations, photos and related relevant information for publication on the website of K-CV or in other publications of the association with the copyright for this lies solely with the Association. The reproduction and dissemination for non-commercial purposes, provided the source and with regard to the copyright of the K-CV allowed

    2. With her/his signature, the member expressly confirms the Association K-CV to transfer the usage rights even after his departure from the association, and waives any assertion of claims.

    I agreeWe agree


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