Would you like to cancel your donation at K-CV?

Permanent donations, including  for example sponsorship and sponsorship contributions are voluntary at K-CV. You may terminate this at any time without notice.

Contact to our donation service:
Simply send us an appropriate message by Mail or by E-Mail to
Kenya-ChildVision e.V.
Goebenstr. 12
65195 Wiesbaden

Would you like to cancel your debit authorization or permanent order?
If you gave us a debit authorization for your donation, we will cancel it as soon as possible and send you a written confirmation of your declaration of termination. If you have set up a standing order, you must cancel it at your Bank, as we are not entitle to do so.
Any suggestion?
If you have specific reasons for your termination, we would be grateful if you would notify us. Because that ist he way to remedy any deficiencies in our care.
Your help is very important
If you have fincial shortage, please contact us. Pausing your contributions. Because your help is very important to us! We would also be happy to advice you on other support options that might be better for you, depending on the life situation.
Thank you for your support!

Asante Sana!