Communicating Your Fundraising Event whether you decide to organize an event or simply want to recruit through your network, you’ll want to communicate effectively. Make sure to invite key guests, speakers, family, and whoever else is important to become sponsors or attend your event. Promote online, promote in person, and follow-up!

Tips for In-Person Promotion Phone Calls: The most effective way to get people to your event is to ask them – personally. If you haven’t heard any responses to your online invitation, make sure to give your invitees a call to remind them about your event. A phone call can go a long way to making your guests feel that their presence is essential to your success.

Flyers: Promotional materials can help inform the general public about your event. Limit the amount of words on your flyers to the important information:

  1.  What is the event?
  2.  Where is the event?
  3.  When (day and time) is the event?
  4.  How much is the cost of participating (if any)?
  5.  Who is invited?
  6.  Who is it benefiting? (K-CV Non- profit association)

Hang signs and leave convenient, quarter-page flyers for people to pick up in public places: the library, a coffee shop, the grocery store, community center, etc. Leave neighbors information about your event in their mailboxes. Remember, K-CV staff are here to assist you with all your needs, so please contact ambassador@kenya-childvision.org if you need some help creating promotional materials for your event.

Mailings: In the pre-digital age, before there was Facebook or e-mail, people used to communicate with handwritten paper messages sent through a delivery network called the “Postal Service”. Believe it or not, this service is still available and used by many of your friends and family to deliver packages, holiday cards and birthday checks. K-CV is happy to provide you with postcards for handwritten thank you note and invitations. Just let us know how many you need!

Always link to K-CV social network like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages  to help give your event validity & increase awareness of our cause!

Online Tools Invitations:

When inviting and organizing your guests list, always be sure to set up a Facebook event – this will be one of the first places your guests will look for event information. You can also choose to go beyond a simple Facebook invite for added emphasis: Brownpaper, Eventbrite, and through the K-CV‘s website are three solid solutions for inviting guests that offer RSVPing and customization features. Whichever online invitation method you choose, make sure all other accounts are linked to that event page for consistency.


We suggest setting up a blog to help organize and keep everyone up to date on the event. WordPress and Drupal are good blogging sites which allow you to create and post updates for free.

Other Tools:

Promotion is the key to any successful gathering. There are several levels of promotion and dozens of social media tools available. Be sure to have as many distribution channels available as possible. Your potential guests or attendees must be able to easily find you on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook should be your primary promotional tools – they are built for spreading a message.

On Facebook, be sure to set up a Facebook “page” – they are better than “groups” because you can appear in newsfeeds every time you update the page’s status. Creating a Facebook “event” is also key, as well as having guests and members update their own status with links to the event. Twitter’s key is retweeting and hashtags: be sure to create an event hashtag and promote it, and ask for retweets of the most important information.

Post-Event There’s still more to do to make sure the event leaves a lasting impression, especially if you intend to have future or annual events.

Thank your donors:

First, be sure to continue communication with all the attendees. Send personalized thank-you’s, updates on fundraising, and additional information.

Share your event:

Share photos, videos, and details of the success of the event through your social media and other tools you used for online promotion. Upload photos to a Flickr account and post videos on YouTube.

Please feel free to share your event success with K-CV! We love to post and share positive fundraising experiences, comments, and suggestions on our website. These can serve to inspire others to help and join the initiative to help others who are not so lucky in their life. Send your electronic photos, stories  to: ambassador@kenya-childvision.org. and help the fight in eliminating poverty.