Fundraiser for school

You want your class to support other children who are less fortune? How about a student marathon at your school?

There are many ways how school can help KCV grow! For both students and for teachers. You are a teacher or work professionally with children? Find out how school  fundraisers  can support the work of K-CV. Your school donation  will  directly benefits children  and families in need. You strongly support and promote K-CV  ideal by raising awareness.


Organize a flea market
Almost everyone has accumulated over year things he really does not need: Old books, stuffed animals, CDs or clothes that no longer fit. On a flea market these used items can be sold and the money will be donated in favor of K-CV.
What you need:
  • Parental consent for their children to  participate
  • A table or a cover where  goods may be represented
  • Price Labels

Sell cake and Self-made items.

To initiate a bazaar on the school summer festival or the Christmas season, is a good thing. Your class could for example sale a home – made cakes or drinks and then donate the proceeds. Perhaps the children also like to do Art and craft and sell the items in favor of K-CV.

What you need:

  • Sufficient space to set up tables.
  • Service for quests. Paper plates, cups and cutlery for guests to make  eating easier.
Organise a school concert
Many children play an instrument or sing in a choir and are proud if they can share. That brings praise and affirmation for the

 Find out more tipps and ideas about starting your own fundraising learn more …

KCV fundraiser for school

Education against poverty and unemployment

In Kenya as in many African countries, poverty is mainly affecting children. Economic problems such as unemployment, lack of education as well as lack of social support generate for extreme poverty. For children who are growing under these circumstances, everyday life means nothing but the daily struggle for survival.

Our goal is to prepare the children for an independance life and to accompany them until they can stand on their own. We want to ensure that each child is given a school education and a vocational training according to their individual needs. This is particularly necessary  for the most vulnerable in a society marked by bitter poverty, disease, low education and unemployment.

Over 850 children in Nelaa Primary School have to share 8 classrooms and a kindergarten. From the 1st to the 8th grade there are more than 65 students in a classroom. Several children share a school bench. Only 12 Teachers are available. These are underpaid and feel overwhelmed by the situation.

  • There are no Toilets and a kitchen to prepare school meals.
  • They are lacking furniture and teaching aids.
  • The children have almost nothing to wear.

Good education is the key to poverty eradication and a prerequisite for a healthy future!

What does it cost?

  • For example a kindergarten building costs 45.000 Euros
  • The catering for 850 children costs 500 Euros monthly.
  • A first aid room and toilet facility for school costs 20.000 Euros.

Through our educational projects, children will be given the opportunity to go to school, to learn a profession or a craft. In this way we enable girls and boys to live a self-determined life as adults. It is therefore imperative that all children have access to education in order to promote the development of society as a whole. The quality of education needs to be improved and priority set on final grades in primary and secondary schools.

Help with a sponsorship and give an orphaned child a hopeful future
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